Baseball Caps

From as low as €6.00 excluding VAT
Female model wearing embroidered baseball cap.


Adult Sizes

Minimum order quantity: 20
20 - 49 units: €7 per unit
50 - 99 units: €6 per unit
100+ units: €6 per unit

  • Prices include one standard-sized embroidered logo. Please indicate if you require multiple embroideries
  • VAT is charged at 23%.
  • There is a once-off design origination charge of €35 per order to digitise your logo.
  • Individual names can be embroidered onto garments for an additional €4 per garment. 
  • For multiple embroideries please contact us for a quote.

    To place an order or to request further information please contact us at or +353 1 867 1707

        See below for further information on sizes, colours and specifications.


        7 X 7. One size fits all adults. Baseball caps can be adjusted to fit head size.

        Note that children’s clothing options are available and pricing is not subject to VAT.


        Dark Navy, Bottle Green, Royal Blue, Red, Black, White

        Dark Navy Bottle Green Royal Blue Red  Black

        The above are the standard colours available. Other colours can be sourced.


        100% Cotton Twill



            • Please send us a copy of the logo or crest by email (if possible).
            • Please indicate where on the garment would you like the logo or crest to appear?


              • What colour(s) should the writing be (a Pantone colour reference would be ideal)?
              • Will the writing be the same for every garment or different (e.g. an organisation name or individuals’ names)?
              • Where on the garment would you like the text to be embroidered?
              • Individual names can be embroidered onto garments for an additional €4 per garment.


                The size of your logo, crest or text should be between of 40cm2 and 60cm2. The boxes below are 50cm2 each and might be used as rough guides for sizing.

                How will my logo appear?

                Embroidery produces an interpretation of your logo using threads and fabric rather than an exact replica using ink and printing.

                Multiple or single-coloured designs are the same price.


                Please let us know…

                1. Which colour(s) would you like?
                2. Which size(s) garments do you require?
                3. What quantity of each size do you require?
                4. Do you require an embroidered logo or crest
                5. Do you require embroidered lettering such as an individual’s name?
                1. Please email us the logo, crest, image or text that you want embroidered onto the garments to
                2. We will then email you a visual of what the image will look like on your garment.
                3. Based on your approval, we will sign off on the order and will arrange to have the artwork re-drawn and digitised i.e. a special digital version of the image is made that can be read and understood by the embroidery machine’s computer.
                4. If you want to order garments without embroidery, simply let us know the sizes, quantities and colours you require and we will send you a quote. We can also send you a visual of what the garment will look like.
                5. For embroidered clothing here is a 12 working day turnaround time from the time we receive and sign off on your order and payment. For clothing that is not embroidered, there is a 5 working day turnaround time.

                 Please call us at 01 867 1707 or email to request a quote of if you need further information.

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