Looking forward to getting back!

A slightly festive atmosphere is palpable throughout the country as our older citizens finally get vaccinated. Local news journalists join relieved pensioners and smiling relatives in jovial, socially-distanced jostles outside the nation’s surgeries and medical centres. Stepping out into the glorious spring weather provides a reminder of the joy of participating in a public event.

There are further rays of spring hope as some of the smaller equestrian events are advertised for the end of April and onwards. However, as yet, there are few indicators as to whether any of the big equestrian events or agricultural shows are going ahead this year. We are all hopeful for a recovery that comes sooner rather than later.

At Shamrock Rosettes we are preparing for this future with a new sense of optimism. We are really looking forward to getting back to our work of creating great prizes for great shows and to interacting once again with our customers.

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